Los Alamos Community Services District
                                  82 Saint Joseph Street - Post Office Box 675
                                               Los Alamos, California 93440
                                   Phone: (805) 344-4195  Fax: (805) 344-2908
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Los Alamos Community Services District Board of Directors
 "Board Members have to be Competent, Ethical, Community Minded, Independent Thinkers, Prepared, Present and On Time" 

Brad Vidro - President
Appointed to the Board on 12/06/2020
Term Expires: December 2024

Pete Kopcrak - Vice President
Appointed to the Board on 11/22/2022
Term Expires: December 2026

Charles Gonzales - Director
Appointed to the Board on 11/08/2022
Term Expires: December 2024

Barbara Landon - Director
Appointed to the Board on 11/22/2022
Term Expires: December 2026

Kristy Williams - Director
Appointed to the Board on 02/13/2024
Term Expires: December 2024
Board members have a great responsibility to the District and to the residents of the Community they serve. Often times their duties to serve the Community and to make decisions based on the Community’s best interest are overlooked and often unappreciated. Board members have to be competent, ethical, community-minded, independent thinkers, prepared, present and on time. Board members are responsible for the District’s fiscal soundness today and in the future. In addition, Board members work with District staff, engineers, attorneys, local town organizations and with the Community as a whole. For these reasons, our Board members are very much appreciated and respected by those who work closest with them and by the Community they serve. 
The District operates under the general direction of an elected five-member Board of Directors. The Board members are elected by the registered voters of the District for four year terms. The Board of Directors meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room at our District office located at 82 Saint Joseph Street. It may be necessary, from time to time, for the Board of Directors to hold Special Board Meetings to ensure that District business is taken care of. Any change in the meeting date will be reflected on the Board Meeting Calendar under the Meetings tab of this website.
(Leonard Bileti 5-Year Anniversary 10/24/18)

Candy Clark 25 Year Anniversary 03/14/2021
(Office Manager, Treasurer and Secretary to the Board)