Los Alamos Community Services District
                                  82 Saint Joseph Street - Post Office Box 675
                                               Los Alamos, California 93440
                                   Phone: (805) 344-4195  Fax: (805) 344-2908
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Los Alamos Community Services District Sewer Service
The Los Alamos Community Services District (LACSD) was formed on October 29, 1956, under Division 4 of the Street and Highway Code for the purpose of providing water service to the Community of Los Alamos under the 1958 act. More

Operation and maintenance at the Wastewater Treatment Plant includes operating and maintaining 66-acres of spray irrigation fields, Map including 5-retention basins, irrigation system repairs and adjustment of irrigation system sprinklers. Monitoring and cleaning of influent and effluent aerator and removal of influent and effluent biosolids. The District also maintains all equipment, such as, the District's backhoe, tractors, pumps and other light equipment, as well as, weekly testing of the emergency back-up generator. 
Other typical maintenance includes the daily cleaning of the comminutor, grit chambers, treatment ponds, as well as, inline filter and intake screens. The District tests wastewater to ensure we are complying with our permit and the treatment plant and irrigation system are running as efficiently as possible.  The District operators perform weekly in-house sewer pH testing.  All other testing is done at FGL Laboratories.  Settable Solids testing is done weekly.  Samples for TDS, Sodium and Chloride, 5-Day B.O.D.(Biochemical Oxygen Demand), Suspended Solids and Settable Solids are taken quarterly.  There are other tests that are required every six months and annually as well.

Operation and maintenance at the Wastewater Collection System includes, but is not limited to, installation, repair or replacement of sewer mains and laterals, cleaning of the Bell Street and San Antonio Lift Stations, inspection of sewer clean outs and manholes and inspection of new sewer construction. The District believes in preventative maintenance and hydro jets the entire collection system to prevent Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) and responds to customer concerns about odor or blockages. For more information about frequently asked questions about public and private sewer laterals, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions Link or refer to the links below: