Los Alamos Community Services District
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Los Alamos Community Services District Water Service
History - The Los Alamos Community Services District (LACSD) was formed on October 29, 1956, under Division 4 of the Street and Highway Code for the purpose of providing water service to the Community of Los Alamos utilizing the 1915 Act for a special assessment district. Water service to the community began in 1958. The town of Los Alamos is an unincorporated community located in west-central Santa Barbara County. Los Alamos is located off Highway 101 approximately 15 miles south of Santa Maria and 15 miles north of Buellton. U.S. Highway 101 passes through the community in a northwest to southeast direction and provides the principal connection between Los Alamos and Santa Maria to the north and the Santa Ynez Valley, Goleta and Santa Barbara to the south. State Route 135 is the main access corridor through downtown Los Alamos, connecting Los Alamos with agricultural lands, State Route 1 and Vandenberg Air Force Base to the west. More

Water Facilities and Treatment - Water service is provided to all our customers residing within the District Boundary area . The water system consists of production, distribution, and storage facilities. This system includes four wells, three reservoirs and a distribution system. Treatment of our water is done through point source injection at the well sites. The District uses Sodium Hypochlorite for disinfection of our water and maintains a free chlorine residual of 0.3 ppm (parts per million). We also use Liquid Sodium Hydroxide for corrosion control. 

Per the California Department of Public Health's Lead and Copper Rule, the District started using Liquid Sodium Hydroxide in 1999 due to the District's ground water having a pH of 6.4, which is considered acidic on the pH Scale. The use of Liquid Sodium Hydroxide allows the District to raise our ground water pH from 6.4 to 7.1, which is considered neutral. As the treated water enters the distribution system it protects against corrosion within your household plumbing and within the District's water distribution system.  

The District prides itself by trying to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible and to be good stewards of our ground water basin. We operate through a SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). One feature of our SCADA system is that it provides continuous information on static and pumping depths within our wells. The District's water wells, tanks, alarm system and pH monitors are all monitored through the use of our SCADA system. We also have VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives) at all of our sites that allow us to control our pumping rate at the wells and adjust accordingly to the town's water needs. 

The LACSD is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of all the District's water infrastructure, including wells, water mains, service lines, meters, fire hydrants and all other related equipment. For more detailed information on our water system, please refer to the Water 5-Year Facilities Planning Study link below.

For more information about our water system or to arrange a system tour, please contact the Office at (805) 344-4195.
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